Lior Dangoor, 33y, diagnosed 06/07, RCC, clear cell, Stage IV, grade 3.
Mets to opposite (right) adrenal, spine, ribs, pelvis, lungs.

IL-2 improves tumour response to DNP-modified autologous

Interleukin-2 improves tumour response to DNP-modified autologous vaccine for the treatment of metastatic malignant melanoma
M Lotem, E Shiloni, I Pappo, O Drize, T Hamburger, R Weitzen, R Isacson, L Kaduri, S Merims, S Frankenburg, and T Peretz

British Journal of Cancer 90: 773–780, 2004


This paper is a report of response rate (RR) and survival of 34 metastatic melanoma patients who received a dinitrophenyl (DNP)-modified autologous melanoma cell vaccine. In all, 27 patients started the vaccine as a primary treatment for metastatic melanoma and seven started it as an adjuvant, with no evidence of disease at the time, but had developed new metastases. Interleukin-2 (IL-2) was administered in 24 out of the 34 patients: 19 who progressed on vaccine alone and five who had the combination from start. Interleukin-2 was administered in the intravenous, bolus high-dose regimen (seven patients) or as subcutaneous (s.c.) low-dose treatment (17). Overall celebrities sex tapes response for the entire group was 35% (12 patients out of 34), 12% having a complete response (CR) and 23% a partial response (PR). However, only two patients had tumour responses while on the vaccine alone, whereas the other 10 demonstrated objective tumour regression following the combination with IL-2 (two CR, eight PR), lasting for a median duration of 6 months (range 3–50 months). Of the 12 responding patients, 11 attained strong skin reactivity to the s.c. injection of irradiated, unmodified autologous melanoma cells. None of the patients with a negative reactivity experienced any tumour response. Patients with positive skin reactions survived longer (median survival – 54 months). The results suggest enhanced RRs to the combination of IL-2 and autologous melanoma vaccine. Skin reactivity to unmodified autologous melanoma cells may be a predictor of response and improved survival, and therefore a criterion for further pursuing of immunotherapeutic strategies.

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